“I wanted to again express my sincere gratitude for your time, attention, courtesy and especially your professional skills in treating my herniated disc several months ago. I am truly amazed at how quickly your treatments had me up and walking without pain. Your services are most appreciated, as is your sincere kindness.”
— Eileen R.

“Thanks so much for the care that you provided for Sam over the past 4 weeks. He has gone from not being able to walk without pain – to having just set a new Varsity record in the discus and being #5 in the U.S. We could not have done so without you.”
— Malloy M.

“Thank you so much for your kindness, compassion and courtesy in helping me to find relief from terrible back pain with this pregnancy! Your time, and especially your skills, are very much appreciated.”
— Eileen R.

I just love the place. After my surgery it’s like I had to learn how to walk again and this place took real good care of me. They made goals for me everyday and When I meet the goal I would feel like I’m accomplishing something and I’m getting better and better every time I walk through that office door. There is no amount of words I can say to show my appreciation to Toto Chriopractice and Total Rehabilitation.
— Anonymous